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2005 – Reel Guerrillas (Short)

Zachary as Evon Schwarz

Directed by: Mark Douglas Miller
Written by: Mark Douglas Miller
Produced by: Michael E. Simmons
Production year: 2004
Original release: September 12, 2005
Running time: 20 minutes
Other cast: Joe Arias, Rory Austin, Angela Casassa
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Nick Walker is on a desperate quest for a “reel” and this quest takes him on a humorous journey. He has some connections and great friends, but that just isn’t enough. He is under pressure from his family to make it happen within a year or return home and take over the family farm. In a twist of fate he is given the opportunity to approach one of the “gods” for help, but he is told to make it happen on his own. In an unplanned, unrehearsed moment of brilliance, he stages a faux holdup of a liquor store and uses the surveillance tape as his “reel”. The rest is Hollywood history.